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Just as a tree* derives its strength from its roots grounded firmly into the earth, Arbre Therapy works with children, families and educators to establish the skills and expertise a child needs to learn, to grow and to achieve their goals through education.

Our team of highly experienced therapists work with individuals and their families, support workers and educators to maximise their learning and growth, delivering services as diverse as our clients. We may focus our therapy on actively assisting a child to play, participate in their self care and to develop their motor and sensory skills to support their education, or it might be working with a team of educators to support a student to access the curriculum.

It may also be undertaking a range of assessments and prescription of assistive devices from bathing equipment through to implementing the latest technology in augmentative and alternative communication equipment for both direct users (who use their hand to target a screen) and alternate access users (who use switches and eye gaze).

Arbre Therapy is based in Melbourne, Australia, and we work with children, families, educators, schools, therapists and teams across Australia.

*In French, a tree is arbre and it forms the heart of our business, both as a metaphor for growth and as a nod to our Founder’s heritage. Mais oui!


Arbre Therapy works with:

  • Children and young adults with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, rare genetic and metabolic conditions such as Rett Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome and Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.
  • Children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and sensory processing challenges.
  • Families, health professionals, educators and disability support staff within Australia and overseas.

Arbre Therapy is registered for the following providers:

  • Medicare
  • Private health insurance companies

Arbre Therapy also provides services for NDIS participants who are self or plan managed.