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Arbre Therapy provides occupational therapy services for children and young adults with physical disabilities and/or significant sensory processing challenges.

As a mobile team, we support people in all of their spaces- at home, at childcare, kindergarten school or at TAFE or university, as well as at the gym, at their local shops and at their favourite community settings.

At home, we work with families and support workers to embed strategies into people’s daily life by training how to actively assist a child to play or to participate in self-care through activities which are motivating for that individual child. 

We believe that families have a wealth of knowledge and their lived experiences both support the research evidence and inform the strategies that we use in our therapy.

At child care and kindergarten we support a child’s access to education through the development of their physical, fine motor and sensory skills and their communication, particularly in the instance of a child using augmentative and alternative communication.

At school and at TAFE or at university, our therapists support students to access the curriculum and work collaboratively with education staff to modify curriculum for the student.

Occupational Therapy Services

Our team of therapists provide direct support to our Melbourne-based clients and their families as well as remote support to clients across Australia.

While as occupational therapists we don’t believe in a standardised, one-size-fits-all approach, our focus is on increasing independence in:

  • Self-care such as dressing, showering or toileting
  •  Domestic activities such as meal preparation
  •  Learning and executive functioning strategies
  • Fine motor skills such as handwriting
  • Upper limb strengthening and development of the more refined fine motor patterns such as scissor skills

Professional Support, Consulting & Mentoring

Our team of occupational therapists are highly skilled and experienced in working with young children and young adults with significant disabilities and complex communication difficulties.

Many of the people we work with have complex communication needs and use augmentative and alternative communication to communicate. Our skills and expertise in this area is renowned and we are often the first point of call for occupational therapists, allied health professionals and a range of schools across Australia for support, education, mentoring and consultation.

Workshops, Events & Speaking

Arbre Therapy Occupational Therapists present at workshops, events and conferences both here in Australia as well as internationally.

Our Founder, Fiona Beauchamp, is highly regarded for her expertise and success in problem solving the issues that enhance or inhibit children with severe physical disabilities and complex communication needs.