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Schedule of Fees and Services for Occupational Therapy Services (2024)

To view and download a PDF copy of the Arbre 2024 Schedule of Fees and Services document click below:

Individual Occupational Therapy ( Direct/Indirect)

Home / Kindergarten / Community OT Session (50 minutes consultation @$193.99/hr)


Indirect – Non face to face support – session notes (15 mins @$193.99/hr)


Assistive technology, home modifications and vehicle modification reports for home, NDIS, kindergarten, tertiary placement

$193.99 per hour

Selection and/ or manufacture of customised or wearable technology

$193.99 per hour

Training for parents / support workers

$193.99 per hour


Hand Writing (1 hour for administration of assessments, 1 hour to score the assessments, 1 hour report with recommendations – 3 hours total) 


Hand Writing and Fine Motor (2 hours for administration of assessment, 2 hours to score assessments, 1.5 hours report with recommendations – 5.5 hours total) 



Provider Travel [1] (Labour costs – Time)
Calculated as actual time travelled and converted to the hourly rate @$193.99

$193.99 per hour

Provider Travel [2] (Non-Labour Costs)
For a vehicle owned by the therapist up to $0.96 a kilometre; and for other forms of transport or associated costs, such as road tolls, parking, public transport fares, up to the full amount.

$0.96 a kilometre plus associated fees

Consultancy Sessions (with students)

Half Day – 4 hours (9:00am – 1:30pm)


Whole Day (9:00am – 4:30pm)


Consultancy Travel

Within Melbourne

25km from Melbourne based on $0.80 per kilometre [3]

Within Victoria

$75 per hour after the first 2 hours


To be negotiated

[1] Travel to provide therapy will be charged when travelling to and from appointments. Arbre will apportion actual travel time and be included as a separate line item on invoices for payment. If the household is the last appointment for the day, travel will be charged to attend the location and then return to the Therapists usual place of work. In this instance travel charges will be shown separately on the invoice.

[2] If an Arbre Therapist incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a therapist's time when travelling to deliver Face to-Face supports to a client (such as road tolls, parking fees and the running costs of the vehicle), this may be charged. If this occurs, Arbre will discuss with the individual household.

[3] As per provisions of Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2020.

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