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Our team of therapists provide direct support to our Melbourne-based clients and their families as well as remote support to clients across Australia.

While as occupational therapists we don’t believe in a standardised, one-size-fits-all approach, our focus is on increasing independence in:

  • Self-care such as dressing, showering or toileting
  • Domestic activities such as meal preparation
  • Learning and executive functioning strategies
  • Fine motor skills such as handwriting
  • Upper limb strengthening and development of the more refined fine motor patterns such as scissor skills
  • Sensory processing assessments and then implementation of a sensory diet to support the individual to use their hands more functionally and to be able to modulate their sensory system in a range of different environments
  • Access to technology and strategies for an individual to access electronic devices for leisure and communication such as switches, eye gaze and direct access
  • Strategies to improve targeting (with a hand/finger) to a screen or communication book and to support direct access to non-electronic communication systems
  • Assistive technology prescription (NDIS) such as home modifications, vehicle modifications, shower/toilet chairs, high/low beds, second skin body splints/jetproof clothing, hoist and slings
  • Active participation and learning in leisure activities in the community including shopping and upper limb programs at the gym.

Arbre Therapy also provide a range of assessments for children:

  • Assessment and prescription of assistive devices and equipment
  • Assessment and prescription of home and vehicle modifications
  • Fine motor, gross motor and visual motor perception assessments
  • Technology assessments such as direct access (eye gaze and hand to access the screen) and alternative access (switching).